Experience Hacker-Craft

For over a hundred years, Hacker-Crafts have been hand-built in America, one at a time, by some of the world's finest boat building craftsmen. Our master craftsmen toil thousands of hours over every Hacker--always sanding one more time, or applying another coat of varnish to ensure the ultimate mirror finish. Our designs provide the ultimate ride, but our precision and attention to detail deliver a true classic that demands admiration.

Our legacy is that of John L. Hacker (1877-1961), the preeminent naval architect of mahogany pleasure crafts of the last century. Nearly fifty years after his death, the mere mention of his name evokes memories of days of innocence and long summers in the golden age of classic mahogany boats. Boats that demanded immediate attention and admiration. From captains of industry to celebrities and racers, a handcrafted Hacker was the ideal. And remains so today. His designs would easily make a who's who list of the greatest mahogany boats ever built. Pardon Me. Thunderbird. El Largarto. Bootlegger. Peerless. Dolphin. Kitty Hawk. Belle Isle Bear Cats. My Sweetie. To name a few.

Today, we build runabouts, sport boats, racers, yacht tenders, launches, utilities, commuters and water taxis 20 feet and above in length. Many of our models look like classic original Hacker-Crafts above the water, but improvements have been made throughout thanks to improved modern boat building techniques and materials.

Hacker-Craft were selected as "50 of America's Best" products by Forbes FYI. Magazine. The Neiman Marcus Edition Hacker-Craft was selected as a fantasy gift in the famous Neiman Marcus Christmas Book catalog and was featured on the NBC TODAY show. The Tommy Bahama Edition Hacker-Craft appears in several of lifestyle retailer Tommy Bahama’s catalogs. Hacker-Craft have been used in media promotion for Nautica, M&S (the major British department store chain) and many others.

If your dream is to ply or race along the shores of a beautiful lake, river, or coastline, recapturing the nostalgic days of summers past in a classic mahogany boat, or simply enjoying a great cruise in a boat with a beauty that stops people in their tracks, you are not alone. Hacker-Craft owners everywhere are living that dream. If this sounds like your idea of fun, contact us.